Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 4, 3/26/10

The tools and the wood each wait. Patiently enough that I discover they have not moved for two months. I reacquaint myself with locations and plans. My mind recalls what was missed in my absence and why in this work I find enjoyment. Much of my time is spent building the forms that will hold the boat in it's final shape. These forms will remain on until the boat's frame can hold the shape for itself. As blisters form I begin to wonder if it were less painful to use the edge of my hand instead of a saw. The rhythm builds and the blade sings it's song. I contemplate mounting the finished boat on the wall instead of allowing it the get wet. Out of frustration and impatience I hurry which in turn yields more frustration and poor results. Perhaps that's why my grandfather was skilled at catching fish; patience. He would correct me for casting out, quickly reeling in and repeating. But we all have our own stubborn ways that we think will accomplish our goals. You can't hurry greatness. I finish marking the gunwales (pronounced gun-nuls) or the rails that run the length of the boat. Soon I will plane them down, put them in the forms and finally the kayak will actually bear a resemblance to a kayak.