Sunday, July 24, 2016

Glueing bottom panels, chinelog wood choice...

Slow work continues with my dad.  Glued together bottom panels.  Also marked out and cut bulkhead #1 and bulkhead #4 (not pictured).  Also discussed with my dad the use of on-hand Redwood for the chines since it will be glued on two faces (side panel and bottom) and it is correct dimension 19x45mm, instead of the ripped and scarfed WRC which came out to 17x43mm.  Seems the consensus is second-growth Redwood is a better choice than old-growth and it is not a complete no-go for boatbuilding.

Good squeeze-out.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Chine logs

This evening I had the help of my father to rip and scarf two chinelogs.  From a 1x4 the finished size is smaller than the 19 x 45mm dimensions the plans call for.  Hopefully the smaller size, 17mm x 43mm, will not present any problems in the future.  Chinelogs ripped with a Matsushita 7.25" thin kerf blade on the table saw.  Decided on W. Red Cedar instead of a Redwood 1x4 leftover from a previous project.  Feared it too brittle and soft.

Chinelogs ripped, switched back to 10" blade to accommodate the homemade scarf sled.

Mixed epoxy and wood flour for the two 12:1 scarf joints.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Returning to GIS, finally!

It has been quite a while.  Finished some outstanding home projects and I am finally able to focus on the GIS again.  With the help of good friend and woodworker, Michael P., the sides were glued together and bottom cut out.  Expect to have more consistent work on the boat now, watch for updates!