Monday, July 10, 2017

More bulkheads, new tiller...

Apologies, minimal work completed on the Goat Island Skiff for quite a while due to trips, projects and work.  Haven't forgotten or stopped dreaming about it, though!  Finally back to work, also this summer has had some milder days that make the workshop a bit more bearable.

Sadly, a new tiller had to be constructed due to misread measurements, now Doug Fir (pre-coated sides, sanded, masked and with chines in the background)

Bulkhead 3 and bulkhead 4, epoxy on 1 side

Stem, cut to size, WRC

Stem, plotted out.  Cut out angle from large end (36mm) on table saw.

Stem, planing to final size.

Sharp planes make beautiful shavings

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  1. I also did the same mistake with wrong measurement and wrong glueing of tiller! I had to scrap and rebuild it. Nice stem, hard work to sculpt it from the block! Keep posting! And happy building..