Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gradual work over the last few days

Finally sanded both sides completely after chine log epoxy cured.  Then cut and glued most of the transom assembly.  Also glued and cut to size the mast core from W. Red Cedar.  Lastly, completed the bevels on bulkhead 1.  Despite others feelings towards sanding and beveling, I love them both!  While sanding is slow and monotonous I enjoy seeing the long fought for result of a smooth finish plus I somewhat lose myself in sanding.  As for planing, it was never fun until I learned grain orientation and how to sharpen a blade.  With those two pieces of knowledge a plane will truly sing!

The blurriness of this photo captures what it feels like sand 2 side panels

Redwood and Douglas Fir framing glued, seat cleat and rudder reenforcement next.  I used davlafont's method of keeping epoxied parts from wandering by tapping a small wire brad into the glued side of the framing and then snipping it off to about 2-3mm high.  This is then pushed into the wood when clamping to keep it from "sleepwalking" at night.  This small piece of a nail is left behind.

Bulkhead 1 side bevel, sanded sides in background

Mast core

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